Selecting IoC framework

No, I haven’t chosen one to use yet. But I kind of feel that instead of investing more time in home-made and fairly inefficient DI classes, I should rewire the code to use one of the available IoC frameworks. And here are some blog posts that can help to make a choice.

Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks (part1 and part2) by Andrey Shchekin. Very good comparison with source code uploaded to Google Code.

IoC libraries compared by Chirs Brandsma. Focuses on most common case – constructor injection. Source code is also available.

Having read these two posts, I’d probably go with either StructureMap or Autofac. But I would also like to have a closer look at MEF that was not covered in these blog posts (I guess because it’s not a pure IoC container). Here’s an excellent Ayende’s post explaining why.


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