Test post to check syntax highlighter

This post has been written using Windows Live Writer 2011 with FiftyEightBits PreCode Snippet. This is C# code sample:

public void Test()

And this is F# code:

let rec search m x y f accu = match x, y with
  | x, y when x = size2 -> search m 0 (y + 1) f accu
  | 0, y when y = size2 -> f accu
  | x, y when m.(y).(x) <> 0 -> search m (x + 1) y f accu
  | x, y ->
      let aux accu n =
        if invalid m 0 x y n then accu else begin
          m.(y).(x) <- n;
          let accu = search m (x + 1) y f accu in
          m.(y).(x) <- 0;
        end in
      fold aux accu 1 10

Well, actually I used C# brush for F# code. Hope that the server will be update with F# brush soon.

UPDATE. Dennis van der Stelt who is in charge for BloggingAbout.Net updated the server with new brushes, so I can now write as much F# code as I want. Thank you very much, Dennis!


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