How to configure AutoTest.Net to use Snarl notifications

Important part of continuous testing is instant and clear notification on test results. Developer should not need to inspect small text in Visual Studio output window, test execution results should flash like traffic lights, especially when things go wrong.

There are several commonly used notification applications for Windows, and AutoTest.Net is integrated with two of them: Growl and Snarl. They provide good visualization of test execution results. Here is how Snarl notification looks:


While integration with Growl works without any adjustments, Snarl needs to be configured to work with AutoTest.Net. Here is how you do it:

1. Open Snarl preference dialog


2. Go to “Network” tab and select “Yes” for “Listen for incoming Growl or Snarl notifications?

3. Start Visual Studio (AutoTest.Net or ContinuousTests a.k.a. MightyMoose must be installed)

4. Find and highlight “AutoTest.Net on”

5. Highlight in “Notification Classes” “Run succeeded”, then press “Configure”

6. Select “Yes” for “use custom icon?”

7. Go to AutoTest.Net or ContinousTests installation folder and find in Icons subfolder circleWin.png. You should see the icon with green light:


8. Repeat the previous step for classes “Run succeeded with warnings” and “Run failed” and choose for them icons with yellow and red light.

Now Snarl is configured to receive notifications from AutoTest.Net.


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