Simple.Data OData adapter: approaching version 1.0

It’s January the first, but when I looked at my Twitter feed I realized I am lazy. People are discussing programming bugs, API design flaws and book chapters they are writing. I need to pretend I’m one of them and do something useful. And it’s a good opportunity for me to say a few words about the current status of Simple.Data OData adapter, an open source library that I’ve been developing in my free time whole last year. So here we go.

Is Simple.Data OData adapter finished?

It’s not a good idea to use the word “finished” when talking about software, but if you mean “production ready”, then yes. Although it’s current NuGet package version is 0.8.4, it will be updated to 1.0 as soon as its master project Simple.Data version 1.0 will be released. Current OData adapter is a release candidate and I am not aware of any issues with it.

What about documentation then?

I was waiting for this question, and I am well prepared! You will find a set of Wiki pages at GitHub describing every single scenario of using the adapter. I am copying here the table of content:

Getting started with Simple.Data OData provider

Retrieving data

Retrieving all data from a collection
Retrieving all data matching search criteria
Retrieving all data matching search criteria specified in a method name
Retrieving a single row matching search criteria
Retrieving a single row matching search criteria specified in a method name
Retrieving a single row by key
Expanding results with linked entries
Retrieving linked entries without fetching its owners
Including standard functions in search criteria
Results projection, paging and ordering

Modifying data

Adding entries
Adding entries with links
Updating entries
Updating entries with links
Deleting entries
Linking and unlinking entries
Batch updates

What’s next?

Recently I have split the OData adapter project in two parts: one (Simple.OData.Client) is the actual OData client with both C# dynamic and more traditional fluent API, and the second (Simple.Data.OData) is a thin wrapper around the first one to expose Simple.Data client API. The motivation for this change was the work on a Windows Store application with OData client support that couldn’t use Simple.Data because it does not run on WinRT platform. To make this happen I began working on Simple.OData.Client aiming to release it as a portable class library (PCL) that could be run on various platforms including Windows Phone. At the present time there’s only a NET 4.0 Simple.OData.Client NuGet package, but WinRT, NET 4.5 and Windows Phone versions will follow soon.


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